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Golden RetrieverDog Concrete Garden Statue, Golden Retriever Indoor/Outdoor Statue

Golden RetrieverDog Concrete Garden Statue, Golden Retriever Indoor/Outdoor Statue

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Do you actually know anyone who doesn't love golden retrievers? Ok ok...maybe a non-dog lover could claim this...but anyone else!? This breed has been a favourite of dog lovers for decades. With their beauty, gentle disposition, friendly nature they are sure to win everyone's heart.

Please note that each statue is one of a kind. Photos of listings may differ from colouring in the photo. If you’d like to see the exact colouring on the statue you are ordering please contact us directly (contact link in main menu) to see photos of the statue you’ll be purchasing. 

For custom 3D Dog Portraits please copy and paste this link: or click Dog Pet Portrait in the Catalog above.

Length (tail to nose) = 10.5" (26cm)

Width = 5" (12.5cm)

Height = 5.5" (13cm)

Weight = 4lb 1oz (2.1kg)


ALL Heart Wishez Statues are Hand-poured with premium concrete and cured with processes designed to create a stronger finished product. They are then Hand-painted with premium grade exterior latex paint and given a protective clear coat. All statues are designed for exterior use. They are also finished with protective pads on their undersides to allow them to be safely placed on furniture indoors.
Note: it is recommended that the statues be protected from snow during harsh winter conditions to lengthen the durability of their finishes. However, they can reside in the snow if desired....chattering teeth of statues will have to be tolerated.


Hand cast in premium concrete. Hand painted using special process (designed for longevity) in exterior latex paint. Top coated with high gloss clear coat.

Shipping & Returns

Returns: please note that EVERYTHING humanly possible will be undertaken to ensure a positive experience. Please contact us directly regarding any concerns with an order. For more information please see Refund Policy.

Shipping is available. However, the variation in size, weight and the destination location of the concrete statues preempts the possibility of estimated shipping at checkout. Please contact us via the link below. There is no charge for the quote. You will be contacted as soon as possible to provide you with shipping details and payment. Request a Shipping Quote


Dimensions for are provided in the description for each statuary piece.

Care Instructions

Although each item is made of concrete it is recommended that every piece be handled with care. The handpainted surface can be easily damaged if item is dropped or falls against any hard or rough surface. Additionally, items should not be stacked or packaged together without significant care in wrapping and cushioning them.

Statues will happily retain thier appearance for many years out of doors. However, it is strongly recommended that they be protected from during harsh winter weather.

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