Collection: Pet Portraits - Custom 3D

Imagine a statue painted in the likeness of a beloved pet! This is now a reality. If Heart Wishez Studio has a statue of the dog or cat breed, (or a comparable likeness), it can be hand-painted to look like the pet in question. New breeds are continually being added to the collection. 

After making your purchase you will be contacted to request the necessary photos of the pet.  Requirements: a minimum of 4 clear photos of each side of the pet. Video footage is also of great help. If you have any questions prior to your order you may also contact us via the contact link in the menu 😊 

Please Note: Because these are custom orders there is a wait time of 2-4 weeks or more depending on queue of orders. You will be advised of expected wait time after purchase; or you can contact us via contact link in menu to find out wait time prior to purchase.


ALL Heart Wishez Statues are Hand-poured with premium concrete and cured with processes designed to create a stronger finished product. They are then Hand-painted with premium grade exterior latex paint and given a protective clear coat. All statues are designed for exterior use. They are also finished with protective pads on their undersides to allow them to be safely placed on furniture indoors. 
Note: it is recommended that the statues be protected from snow during harsh winter conditions to lengthen the durability of their finishes. However, they can reside in the snow if desired....chattering teeth of statues will have to be tolerated.